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ADG Lighting & Controls is a specialized provider of lighting and smart home controls across all product lines and technologies. We work with Designers, Electrical Contractors, Architects, General Contractors, Builders, Multifamily and Property Managers. In any case, the mission of ADG Lighting & Controls is to work with these customers and designers to make them successful in their endeavors. We use our lighting expertise to complete lighting projects successfully and on-time. We do this by engaging the customer early in the planning and design phase of a project. We continue through the pricing/quoting steps and on to sourcing “appropriate to the task” lighting products. We can source any product needed and are not committed to any one lighting supplier or technology.

ADG Lighting & Controls is a Brand of Atlanta Design Group

LED Lighting

LED LIGHTING & CONTROLS – A revolution in lighting!

Today with the introduction of LED and Controls technology, lighting is more than a simple light fixture and a bulb. Lighting is a system. Lighting systems help people feel comfortable, productive and safe. They beautify spaces and transform environments. As leaders in the LED technology revolution, ADG create lighting systems that prioritize energy efficiency, sustainability, and operational cost reduction. We focus on improving the livability and effectiveness of indoor and outdoor environments, providing everything from functional general illumination to spectacular color-changing experiences that enhance the brand, encourage social interactions and revitalize communities.

At ADG Lighting & Controls, we have the deep expertise and range of systems to transform your goals into effective lighting applications. You can count on ADG to understand your goals and to help you specify and execute solutions that ensure the ideal lighting for your specific lighting needs.

The ADG Lighting Team:

We are a team of lighting designers, specifiers, and energy-efficient experts with a combined 50+ years’ experience in providing lighting and control systems:

We Can Help You With:

  • Saving Money
  • Light Smarter – Do More With Less
  • Feel Secure
  • Improve & Enhance the Look of your building/facility
  • Provide You With A Systematic Solution That Doesn’t Sacrifice Look Or Design
  • Create The Right Mood

LED’s retrofits are one of the easiest and fastest ways to begin a strategy toward greater energy efficiency at a community. Payback for such implementation can be rapid and this helps to increase the property’s value.

LED’s are now a time-tested and proven solution for reducing energy costs and they are working even better and at a lower cost every day.

ADG can help make LED installations or retrofits as easy as they sound while delivering on the promise of long-term savings for the assets.

LED Retrofits

Have you been thinking about an LED retrofit for your facility or property? Not sure how to go about it? You came to the right place. LED lights are replacing traditional lighting technology across a wide spectrum of lighting applications. They are useful for interior lighting, exterior lighting, and small lighting in mechanical applications. Retrofitting your current lighting with an energy efficient LED solution can save you up to 80% in annual (recurring) energy costs. The savings are so significant that you can finance the replacement of your lighting with the cost savings you will realize from retrofitting your facilities with modern LED technology.

Three main advantages of a LED Retrofit: 1. energy efficiency improvements 2. reduction in recurring maintenance costs (both parts and labor), 3. improved lighting quality.

Examples of Savings:

Building Exterior Lighting:

  • 63% reduction in energy costs
  • $7,486 annual reduction in maintenance costs
  • $1,880 in rebates for converting lighting to LEDs

Parking Lot Lighting:

  • 78% reduction in energy costs
  • $1,178 annual reduction in maintenance costs

Street Lighting:

  • 55% reduction in energy costs

Only 10% of the cost of operating a building over its lifetime is spent on the actual purchase of the facility. The remaining 90% is made up of various operating expenses. Much of this is an energy expense (heating, electricity) while other expenses involve structural maintenance. Of the electricity expenses, lighting is by far the largest one and upgrading your facility to LEDs is one of the smartest investments you can make.


Atlanta Design Group can be your single-source provider for today’s most innovative lighting and controls technologies. Our broad portfolio has everything you need to light up your residential and commercial property — from kitchens to storage rooms, landscaping to bedrooms, multifamily leasing offices and rec rooms to parking garages to lobbys — we’ve got you covered! Lighting is an important aspect in a home or office. Whether potential tenants and owners are conscious of it or not, it influences one’s experience in a space. A space that is properly lit is both inviting and functional. Lighting can be used to accent unique features, brighten up work areas, and greatly improve the sense of security of a property.

Make the process simple. Work with one company to develop your unique solution — hassle-free. An Atlanta Design Group lighting solution package offers many unique benefits: complete Residential, Multifamily, and Commercial product portfolio, A+ Certification, ROI/energy saving opportunity identification, personalized servicing, financing, planning and postsales services.


Purchasing a house is a significant decision with various influencers. Make it an easy decision for your potential home buyers. Proper lighting design complements a home’s best features and serves to enhance both the aesthetics and functionality of the home.

Entrys & Foyer

First impressions are key! The foyer or entryway sets the stage for the rest of the home. Mix and match decorative general illumination lighting with strategic accent lighting to highlight the architectural features of the space.

Living Rooms

It is important to consider how the space will be used when choosing the lighting strategy for a space as versatile as the living room. Position downlights to direct a beam of light onto high traffic areas and task zones, such as a reading chair, over the coffee table, or over a desk. Avoid installing lights directly above TVs and sofas. Don’t forget the dimmer! Dimmers allow you to transform the space to adapt to any occasion. Top it off with a dimmer to create the perfect transforming space that adapts to any occasion.


The kitchen is often the most highly trafficked area of the house and it is important that the lighting serves its various purposes — from lighting the counter where you chop vegetables, to creating a nice ambience for entertaining, to illuminating the bar where children finish homework.

Bathroom & Hallway

Hallways – Highly trafficked areas in every home, you should ensure that hallways and stairways have proper lighting. Flush mounts, downlights, linear wraps, and track lighting are all appropriate for hallway applications.

Bathrooms – We know quality illumination is key in bathroom applications. We have designed an LED Vanity collection that delivers high-quality, even illumination so you can see yourself in the best light.

Bedroom & Closets

Traditionally, the décor objective for bedrooms has been to create a calming retreat; however, many bedrooms have inherited many other functions. As bedrooms have evolved into multi-functional spaces, it is important to choose lighting that caters to all needs. Layers of light are essential in creating a versatile bedroom space — soft accent lighting can provide the perfect ambiance for relaxation, an overhead flush mount is perfect to brighten up the entire space evenly, and task lighting provides light for desks and reading chairs.

Garage & Storage

Storage and Garage spaces require bright task lighting. Depending on the size of the space, a general illumination fixture such as a durable linear wrap, flush mount, strip light or garage light is ideal for these utility applications. Installing a shoplight directly over work benches will provide bright task lighting and will prevent shadows on the work area.


Extend the functionality of a space beyond of the interior square footage. Outdoor lighting can be used to light up outdoor living spaces, highlight architectural features and enhance the safety and security around a home. Wet location recessed downlights and flush mounts are ideal for covered decks and porches.


We know the multifamily industry is a competitive market. Catching the eye of potential tenants and owners is getting increasingly difficult. New residents are looking for an affordable, clean, conveniently located and safe place to live. Effective outdoor lighting is key in deterring crime. Effective lighting can make a property more desirable by both highlighting architectural features and providing security lighting around the property to enhance safety.

Living Spaces

Tenants seeking luxury rental properties expect wellplanned design and features throughout the space. Energy efficient downlights throughout the living space provide versatility for furniture placement and personalized décor. Modern, decorative fixtures add a level of sophistication to the space, making it more desirable to tenants and potential owners.

Lobbies & Common Areas

We understand multifamily property development, and the high risk, high reward nature of the business.

We know your #1 goal is to maximize rental income and minimize expenses. This is achieved by maintaining high occupancy rates and attracting and retaining good tenants. Did you know that lighting is one of the most influential factors in this equation?

The proper lighting allows you to save energy and significantly minimize maintenance while making your property safe, secure and beautiful, ultimately increasing the value and desirability to potential tenants.

Interior Hallways

Today’s multifamily complexes have more and more amenities to attract tenants. These common spaces require specific lighting needs that must meet local commercial codes and regulations. Spaces such as lobbies, business centers, leasing offices and game rooms, prefer more decorative lighting to highlight the architecture and design of the space. Remember, these spaces are often the first impression a potential tenant has of the interior of the building. Many tenants look for a modern, well-maintained, well-lit space that confirms the property’s emphasis on effective property management, trendy amenities and security.


Community amenities such as pools, playgrounds, tennis courts and clubhouses help set the community apart and attract owners and tenants. Lighting these spaces with LED ensures years of maintenance-free high-quality lighting. Enhance safety and security in the shared community spaces with motion-sensing LED lighting.

Parking Lots

Crime rate is associated with decreasing property values, decreasing neighbor perceptions and increasing resident instability. The #1 deterrent to crime is lighting. Security experts have identified that welllit spaces have lower crime rates while also increasing tenants’ community confidence.


Professional service firms require their office spaces to be professional, elegant, functional and cutting-edge. Architectural lighting is key. Atlanta Design Group provides architectural lighting fixtures and building controls that help make your building stand above the rest and your company shine with clients and talent alike.


Office lobbies may be small spaces, but they set the stage for clients and employees as soon as guests step off the elevator or walk through the doors of your office. Proper lighting can help make the right impression by creating a welcoming, functioning space. From a show-stopping custom piece to subdued pendants, the Atlanta Design Group’s lobby lighting solutions meet practically any need. And our simple wall stations and controls are designed to work with our fixtures for greater peace of mind at the front desk.

Private Office

Private office lighting needs to provide a consistent, pleasing quality of light around the desk area, with low contrast so that it doesn’t reflect off monitors and mobile devices. An ideal scenario will balance overall ambience without introducing glare and will include daylight for comfort as well as energy efficiency. Lighting a private office is simple with Atlanta Design Group’s broad portfolio of luminaires, filled with outstanding designs and performance attributes, and all controllable via integral sensors and networking.

Open Office

The way people work in the office has evolved and so has office lighting and controls. Open offices are trending modular and reconfigurable. Areas are subdivided, often without physical walls. Workspaces are reshaped to fit new tasks and changing groups. Today’s efficient office lighting is being used to visually define spaces while helping save energy. Easily programmable controls enhance performance, increase energy efficiency and enable broad customization. Atlanta Design Group delivers smart lighting systems for the changing needs of a dynamic office.

Conference Room

Client meetings, team huddles, even birthday parties are all hosted in conference rooms. These multipurpose spaces need layers of light that can be easily controlled to create the right environment at the right time. Since conference rooms also provide opportunities to showcase a brand to customers, architectural luminaires that make a statement, in addition to providing high-quality light, are appropriate. And, of course, lighting for conference rooms needs to be energy efficient, and today’s solutions make that easier than ever.

Stairwell & Corridor

Corridors, hallways and stairwells get people from point A to point B, efficiently and safely, and they are often paths of egress where lighting requirements are stringent. But these areas within an office facility can also be the site of impromptu meetings and conversations. ADG’s wide product portfolio of energy-efficient LED lighting and controls means you can balance form, function and safety from a single source.

Parking Lots

Office parking garages and employee parking lots offer unique opportunities to really boost energy savings in office spaces today. New energy-efficient LED parking fixtures deliver bright, even illumination with higher light levels that help employees feel they are safer and their cars more secure. Outdoor lighting controls help to ensure you’re not overspending.

ADG Lighting & Controls